Discover Flickr - Week 4

Photo sharing websites have been around since the 90s, but it took a small startup site called Flickr to catapult the idea of “sharing” into a full blown online community. Within the past few years, Flickr has become the fastest growing photo sharing site on the web and is known as one of the first websites to use keyword “tags” to create associations and connections between photos and users of the site.

For this discovery exercise, you are asked to take a good look at Flickr and discover what this site has to offer.
Find out how tags work, what groups are, and what other libraries use flicker for.

Discovery Resources:
Flickr Learn More tour (6 steps)
Flickr Services (3rd party applications & mashups) and let’s not forget to look at some other libraries on Flickr Discovery Exercise:

Discover Exercise:
1.Create a free Flickr account in Flickr *
2.Take some photos using a digital camera, or your mobile phone and upload these photos to your Flickr account and tag at least one of the images "LNSS Learning 2.0" and mark it public.
3.Then create a post in your blog about your photo and experience. Be sure to include the image in your post.
(Once you have a Flickr account, you have two options for doing this: through Flickr's blogging tool or using Blogger's photo upload feature.)

So go ahead, explore the site and have some Flickr photo fun.

PS: A quick word about photo posting etiquette - When posting identifiable photos of other people (especially minors) is it advisable to get the person's permission before posting their photo in a publicly accessible place like Flickr. Never upload pictures that weren't taken by you (unless you have the photographer's consent) and always give credit where credit is due for the photo.

*An alternative to Flickr is Picasa, you may like to explore it.


  1. Flickrering could turn into flittering away a whole lot of time!! Flipping fantastic!

  2. Each to their own, and all that, but Flickr is definitely not for me. I put it off for a long time, but then having spent a weekend organising my photos at home (not necessary to the project, but there are ripple effects to many of these things!) I set up my Yahoo account and put up a few photos. A few weeks later when I went back to see them I'd forgotten my password. I then took the advice initially given and began to write down user names and passwords. Summary - I'm happy to now know what Flickr is, but I'll stick with emailing my photos.


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