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Welcome to Learning 2.0, an online learning discovery programme that encourages library staff to learn new technologies. This programme is for staff of the participating libraries of the LNSS Project - Regional Network for Staff Development, and is being co-ordinated by the staff development team at the Glucksman Library, University of Limerick.

Please Listen to this podcast by Lindsay Mitchell (Associate Director, UL Library) to explain the Learning 2.0 (the 23 things program):

How does the programme work?
Over the next 12 weeks or so this website will highlight "23 things" (small discovery exercises) to help staff become familiar with tools like blogging, RSS news feeds, tagging, wikis, podcasting, gaming, video and image hosting sites. All of these tools are freely available through the web and are often collectively referred to as Web 2.0 tools.

Once you have signed up, a discovery exercise will be emailed to you each week.

As this is a self-learning programme each participant will be asked to track their learning journey online through their own blog (which you will create in week2). This is also how we will be able to know that you have completed each week's activities.

As several of your colleagues will be working on this programme, staff members are encouraged to support each other and questions and queries can be posted to the comments section on this post. There will also be a Learning 2.0 team that will be completing the programme with you.

Getting Started:

1. To register for the programme please sign up by sending an email to

2. Once you have signed up, an email containing a link to the week's discovery exercises will be sent to you at the beginning of every week of the 12 week programme.

3. Each participant will will be asked to set up a Google account to take part in the programme. (Remember to make a note of your login and password)

4. The basis of the programme involves you setting up your own blog (week 2 of the programme). Once this is done you will need to email the link to your blog (i.e. its address or url) to so that we can list your blog on the main Learning 2.0 (the 23 things) blog and keep track of your progress.

Remember - we will just add your blog's name to the main Learning 2.0 (the 23 things) blog- if you have chosen to blog anonymously, your own name will not appear.

5. You'll be recording your progress and experiences each week by updating your own blog and considering how you could apply Web 2.0 tools in your own working environment.

Please take a good look around this site before you get started, be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions. Once you have done this, you can congratulate yourself - you'll have completed the very first discovery exercise in the 23 things programme!

Finally we hope you have fun and enjoy the Learning 2.0 programme.

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