Google Books

Google BOOKS

Google's mission is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful". Since 2004, Google has been working with some of the world's largest libraries to digitise their book collections and make them available through Google BOOKS.
Many classics that are out of copyright are available in full text, some can be downloaded as pdfs, while newer titles are available in parts to preview.

Discovery Resources:
Google BOOKSAgreement between Google and US publishersImplications of the agreement

Discovery Exercises:
1.Explore Google BOOKS
2.Find a title that is available in full, for example a classic novel by Dickens, Austen or Shakespeare. If it is available as a pdf, try downloading it.3. Search for a modern title and see how much of it is available for you to read.4. And finally blog about your thoughts on Google BOOKS and what impact it might have on you and your students.

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