Google Maps

Just for fun, play with Google around the World.

Google Maps allows you to find locations and businesses by typing in the address, or even by doing a search on the name. It also allows you to view satellite imagery at a fairly high level of detail. You may be able to see your house, or even your car parked outside! When viewing any map in Google Maps, click on 'Satellite' or 'Hybrid' to view the satellite photo. You can zoom in to any area by gradually rolling your mouse wheel, or using the controls on the left of a map.

Discovery Resources:
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Discovery Task
1. Try finding your library campus or somewhere you lived previously on Google Maps.
2. Use Google Maps to find directions from one location to another. For example, from Mary I to the University of Limerick campus to LIT.
For this, you'll need to know both the start and finish address as a street location.
Try finding directions from one location to another by going to 'Get directions' mode.
3.Finally create a post in your blog and share your experience!

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  1. The democracy of Google Maps is amazing, being able to add your own local information etc., but as with lots of Google stuff I feel a little paranoid. I worry that we're being naive, and that some day we'll be sorry for having given so much of ourselves to the web. It's like a Tom Cruise film in my head! I've got to admit, however, that it's very very useful when you want directions. Highlighting a route on the actual landscape is brilliant.


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