Google Books

Find online books using Google BOOKS
Google BOOKS is Google's collection of digitised books, it includes a large number of books related to Old English literature and language.
You can search for books by author or by title.

Discovery Resources:
Explore Google BOOKS
Investigate what libraries are doing with Google Books

Discovery Task:
1.Find a range of digitised books in Google BOOKS
2.Create your own library by adding your choice of books
3.And finally create a post a blog about how this may be useful to your library


  1. I’ve got to say, I’m loving this. I’m very, very averse to receiving recommendations from computers as if I’m ‘known’, but Google Books front page has four categories that I really like (Interesting; Highly Cited; Magazines; and Random Subject), and the contents within those categories change constantly.
    ‘Find this book in a library’ brings me directly to the UL catalogue via WorldCat – very impressive. And I love being able to search within books for half-remembered quotes.

  2. Thing 10 "Explore any site about the Web 2.0 awards list, play with it and then blog about it" [I'm posting here because there doesn't seem to be a seperate blog post for Thing 10.] I did what I was told but didn't get much of a kick out of it. Which goes to show that I'm not terribly interested in technology really, I just like when it can do something for me. The same goes for books. I'm not into rare books or first editions - it's the content of books that I love. But if a book is out of print, it's good to know where I might find it. For that reason the only new site that I bookmarked from this list was The prices are reasonable, and the descriptions of physical wear and tear were much better than the descriptions given in Amazon.


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