Online Image Generators

Now just have a bit of fun!

Have a look at

Play around with the site and create an image to add to your blog, the image above was created using LetterJames.


  1. has hundreds of web based image makers. You can make custom graphics with your text, digital photos or live webcam!

  2. I enjoyed playing around with the image generator I did not realize you could do so much with your photos. Will definately use this again. The one think I would say is that you needs lots of time for this

  3. I really like the image generater too, especially Letter James, you could spend alot of time with it!

  4. No matter what I did my photo wouldn't upload, and I'm now having nightmares about this fella -
    For me, having struggled through Things 5 & 6, Thing 7 was a photo thing too far!


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