The 24 thing!

Welcome to final, final exercise in the LNSS Learning 2.0 programme!

Thing 24 is really an invitation to consider how you and your library can keep up to date with web 2.0 tools - both those we have learned about in the LNSS Learning 2.0 programme, as well as other ones which may already exist or become available in future. These web tools are constantly changing, and, as library staff, we need to stay aware of them and evaluate their usefulness in providing services to our library users and support to ourselves.

You and your colleagues will have ideas about how you want to go about keeping up-to-date and you might like to incorporate some of these suggestions:

Set up a Blog, to share experiences of new Learning 2.0 tools with your Colleagues in your own library and those of the LNSS Consortium

Set up a discussion board to share experiences

Meet for coffee occasionally to chat informally about your experiences

Set up a library Wiki

Set up a presence on a social networking site, if you would think it would benefit your library

Use Library 2.1 (a blog set up after the original Learning 2.0 project)

Have a look at the Webware 100 winners.

Have a look at 43 things that you might want to do this year - Stephen Abram inspired the original Learning 2.0 programme

And please let us know how you are getting on and if you find good ways of staying up-to-date! Email me at

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