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Closing Learning 2.0 - Lindsay Mitchell, UL

Well done!!!

Congratulations on reaching the 23rd thing. It's hard to believe we have reached the end of the LNSS Learning 2.0 23 things programme and we hope you have enjoyed doing it as much as we have enjoyed putting the programme together. Everyone who has completed the 23 things will be awarded with a certificate of completion.

For the last exercise of the programme, we would like you to reflect on your learning journey and do a blog post on your experience.

Please find a few questions below to prompt you along the way:

  • What were your favourite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?

  • What were your least favourite?

  • Did you enjoy the programme?

  • Would you put any of the Web 2.0 tools into practice in your library?

and finally......

  • What could we do differently to improve on this programme's format or concept and would you be willing to participate in another discovery programme in the future?
In closing, thank you to all those staff that have taken part in the programme - its success depended on you.

For those of you who couldn't participate this time, we are planning to re-run the LNSS Learning 2.0 23 things programme later in the year - we'll be advertising details of the second programme in late Summer 2009.

We did say this was the last exercise but we'd like to invite you to have a look at Thing 24!
The nature of lifelong learning, especially about the web, means that you probably won't want to stop at Thing 23 so there is one more step you can take to keep the momentum going - we'd love to know how you get on with your learning in future.

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  1. This was a really excellent programme. Very, very time-consuming, but also life-enriching. I don't know whether it would be possible to fully engage in this programme during work hours alone, but as the benefits aren't restricted to the workplace, I think that's OK.
    General structure. Things varied a lot in size and in time needed. Thing 2, for example, was tiny, Thing 7 felt like Thing 6 over again, Thing 21 was huge, and Thing 22 was actually 2 things. (I get that both were Google, but the link felt tenuous!) Any of the things with Common Craft videos were much easier to do, and some were explained particularly well by LNSS staff e.g. Thing 21. For some things, especially with Things 6 & 7, I felt abandoned, trying to figure things out for myself, not very successfully. The lunchtime talks were an excellent addition to the programme. There's a lot to be said for project participants meeting every now and again to chat, because there's always some new snippet that makes a difference.
    Well done to the LNSS Project staff - you did amazing work, and I'm very glad to have taken part.


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